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Look, weeds!

March 22, 2010

So, a few more tanking sessions on the Paladin, and patterns start to form before my eyes. Weaving and coalescing into thoughts of extraordinary crispness, those images of an beautiful green yet weed-ridden garden of exquisite beauty now prompt me to be obnoxiously pseudo-poetic in the following recount of my past experiences. And to use words containing “x” a lot.

(What? It was eight in the morning when I wrote that intro. Can’t expect me to make sense before breakfast!)

Incoming Silence?! Oh shi–

That’s kind of a big one in places like the Nexus, where you have area silences flying around like confetti. Sure, healers and magic-based DPS already had to deal with it, but it was quite a shock for me. Being more used to the “Silence? Aw, chucks. Can’t use my shouts anymore. Ah, well. Better keep on killin’!” attitude of Warrior tanks towards silences, once introduced to the effects of Silence on the Paladin, my mindset changed slightly towards “Oh my God, I can’t use Holy Shield! I can’t use Consecration! The healer’s also silenced! AAAAaaaaAAAaaa–“.

Yeah, I know classes need some weaknesses, and that the really annoying silences (5+ seconds) are only triggered by cast spells being interrupted… but whew, being surrounded by mobs without Holy Shield makes me feel vulnerable.

Now, what do I hit…?

More from the Warrior-to-Paladin Twilight Zone: Rotations vs Priority-based abilities. As a Warrior, I can always resort to Devastate when for some miracle I have a free Global Cooldown, or when a mob makes a high-speed dash towards the healer. Just Taunt/Charge/Intercept over, lay down a couple rounds of Devastation, then go back to business. Easy, simple, effective. Assuming I’ve got the Rage for it. Which I should.

With the Paladin, if a mob steadfastly refuses to be hit by the Best Pulling Tool Known To Man (Avenger’s Shield), and Paladin Pinball (Hammer of the Righteous), or if the mob is standing just beyond Consecration range, things start looking a bit funny. Admittedly, that happens more often when we have uninvited guests to our little orgy of Holy Light and floating damage numbers, and that’s generally not a good moment for anyone except maybe Roundhouse Swiping Druids. If a mob or two gets drawn into the fight while everything is on cooldown, or if someone builds up enough threat on them that they can simply walk past Consecrating with nary a look of contempt towards my plate-covered self… it’s time for the healer to show they’re awake for a few seconds.

And yes, I know I’ve got two taunts at my disposal: Hand of Reckoning and Righteous Defense. Yet Murphy’s Law loves me, so I tend to see little “miss” messages pop up much more often than I statistically should.


Yes, I’m aware I’ve already talked about that on my previous post, and I’ve already mentioned that Divine Plea works beautifully. I’m just writing it again because I like the semi-obscure Muppets reference. 🙂

In the end, I’m nitpicking. I was going to go on about Holy Shield and how it needs to be refreshed every rotation again, but there’s no point. Once the rotation sets in, it’s automatic. Nothing to worry about: either it’s on Cooldown because you just used it, or you press it because it’s already time for it. No, my motivations for this post are much more sinister (no, wait… I think the word I’m looking for here is “silly”):

I don’t want to like Paladin tanking.

I like Protection Warriors just too much. Their great mobility (“Hello, Scourgelord! Would you like to go through this patch of ice I just Intervened over?”), their enormous toolbox against pretty much anything (“Phantom Blast? REFLECTED!”), the delightful sound Shield Slam makes when it connects (Hammer of the Righteous comes close), and the sheer badassery of going up against things much bigger than my character with just plate armor and harsh language staying between them and the rest of the group. Warriors don’t need fancy Lightshows, or the power of Nature, or the frozen diseased blood of the undead to keep stuff on them.

Theoretically, at least. More to come next post!

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  1. Moenghus permalink
    March 22, 2010 12:27

    Hey, great post! I haven’t gotten my Warrior past level 40, but I do have a Druid tank and it’s nice to see comparison posts.

    I just wanted to comment on this

    “Admittedly, that happens more often when we have uninvited guests to our little orgy of Holy Light and floating damage numbers, and that’s generally not a good moment for anyone except maybe Roundhouse Swiping Druids.”

    I’ve found that when this happens to me (usually when the Mage is laying the smack down) it’s easy to toss out a Holy Wrath next to that mob. Generally it tacks it back on me and I can group it up with the other mobs from then on.

    Cheers, and thanks for the post!

    • March 22, 2010 16:40

      Well, living and learning. I didn’t know Holy Wrath worked on non-Undead mobs, good to know that!

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