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March 24, 2010

It’s here! Hooray!

Things that caught my eye:

  • Highlighted quest items! That’s handy!
  • Frozen Orbs are Greed only! Great! I was tired of hitting “Need” out of habit when doing runs with friends and getting mocked for it.
  • The battleground changes should bring a few more people to what I consider to be the best form of PvP. Sadly, the brackets still span 10 levels instead of 5, so people still leveling will either get trounced and help the other team by being on the short end of the bracket, or they’ll have to level up doing the usual questing and dungeoning methods until they get to level #6+. Such is life.
  • No more Marks of Honor! I find that awesome, but even then… I didn’t have a lot of those laying around on my characters. The guys with 300+, on the other hand, are sure to have some fun buying them 10 at a time and then using them one by one with a 2-second cooldown…
  • Skippable dialog in Culling of Stratholme! That is all sorts of awesome, in a can!
  • Hunters didn’t get much out of this patch, except for our Beast Mastery fellows. More damage for them, but it seems they’re still lagging behind Survival. By how much, only testing will tell for sure. Spreadsheets can only do so much.
  • Still on Hunters, we got a bunch of bug fixes, including Mortal Shots buffing 2p-T9 Serpent Sting crits properly, slightly shorter Sniper Training, tooltip fixes and so on…
  • There’s also a bewilderingly worded “fix” to Rapid Fire that no one is quite sure if it’s working. I was testing it in a dungeon yesterday and gritting my teeth to try to line Rapid Fire up with free Global Cooldowns without losing shots, but it turns out it’s still off the GCD and working pretty much as it did before? Maybe they removed it from the GCD entirely so it can be used while on the Global Cooldown?
  • Explosive Trap doesn’t automatically trigger Lock and Load anymore. I think some Survival Hunters might be a little miffed.
  • Why is that Serpent Sting wasn’t changed to be able to crit as baseline? I mean, so many DoTs nowadays can crit, why not this one? T9 could be radically redesigned, and I don’t think a lot of Hunters would mind.
  • In juicy Warrior news, Revenge got buffed from “nice bit of incidental damage” to “wallop”.
  • Improved Revenge got buffed from “random short stun that keeps making me waste Shield Bashes” to “Cleave with a vengeance”. What’s next, Glyph of Revenge giving you one more target? *winkwink*
  • Vitality now gives 9% more health instead of 6%. Relatively minor, but it allowed my Warrior to finally cross the 32k unbuffed mark.
  • Thunderclap is not considered a physical-damage spell anymore, and is instead considered a point-blank Area of Effect ranged attack. Meaning it now receives a bigger bonus from the Warrior’s crit chance, requires a lot less hit rating to eliminate misses from the table, and does double (more with Impale) damage on critical hits. All-around buff, if not an extremely large one.
  • Warriors can now be Disarmed while Bladestorming. Boo. Bladestorm is an amazingly powerful skill that needed a the toning down it received, but still: boo.
  • Trauma (and Mangle, which does the same thing) lasts 60 seconds now. Good for those situations where you have to stop hitting something for more than 12 seconds, whatever they are.
  • Rampage is now passive, like a lot of other proc-based party/raid buff talents. Also good.
  • Warriors also got a few bug fixes, but nothing I’d consider very important. Mostly situational/PvP stuff.

I’ve taken both my Warrior and my Hunter to some dungeons yesterday to test out the effects of this magnificent patch. On the Hunter, nothing much happened as she’s Marsmanship and thus unaffected by most of the changes and fixes. Bigger Serpent Sting crits are always nice, but hard to notice among the steady stream of numbers floating off the boss.

As for the Warrior… well, I drew the short straw yesterday. Again, stuck with an average GearScore of 5400 on my Warrior who’s at GS 4200. And just to make things better, their PatienceScore was really close to 0. Luckily, we had a Hunter who (more or less) knew how to Misdirect. It wasn’t my neatest Gun’drak run ever, with Gal’darah running all over the place since the DPS refused to stop attacking him even when I was trying to get aggro back with no Rage left, but we made it. Final judgment? Everything died far too quickly for me to have an idea of how the changes made things work… And putting Revenge into the AoE list felt slightly clunky. Still, part of it is my fault, as I had it macroed to Heroic Strike, thus dequeuing Cleave and requiring me to queue it up again.

All in all, an interesting patch.

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