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Northrend Dungeons, Part One!

March 25, 2010

Could it be a potentially useful post?!

But I was told it could not be done! D8

I’m sure most of us have run all the heroics (with the possible exception of Halls of Reflection for some people) to death at this point, all for badges and ph4t l3wts (I’m told that’s what the kids were calling it last year). But in my frequent runs gearing up two characters at once, I’ve realized there is a surprising amount of people who don’t know those little tricks in most dungeons that help you get that mythical 15-minute run that coincides exactly with the Dungeon Cooldown, meaning you can kill the last boss and queue up as soon as the Abyss/Dream Shards are distributed. So, without further delay, let’s get to them!

Utgarde Keep

  • Stack up on Prince Keleseth. There’s no AoE in this fight to worry about, and being close together will make it easier to break the Ice Blocks and kill the skeletons he summons.
  • On Skarvald and Dalronn, the tank should focus on Skarvald, since Dalronn just shoots random spells around and doesn’t have a real aggro table.
  • Still on the Wonder Twins, staying close also helps. The skeletons (yup, more of them) Dalronn calls in can be annoying if you let them run freely, and the more incidental AoE on their heads, the better.
  • You can skip the first pack of mobs after Skarvald and Dalronn: just edge around the stairs and go up. /wave at the three Vrykul standing like idiots near the wall.
  • On Ingvar the Plunderer, try to position him turned towards the balcony with everybody except the tank behind him. Whenever he starts casting Smash or Dark smash, run through him. After it’s done (and the stun is over), run back through him and bring him close to the balcony again.
  • Whenever Ingvar starts casting his Staggering/Dreadful Roar after using his (Dark) Smash, pay attention and try to end any timed casts before the Roar finishes casting. Otherwise you’ll be looking at 6/8 seconds of Silence and a possible world of hurt for the tank.
  • Once Ingvar is killed for the first time, hide behind the columns around his platform to avoid some damage right after he’s raised as undead. He will then run towards the tank, as his aggro table isn’t wiped when he dies.
  • Pay attention to Woe Strike: it can be pretty annoying. Dispel it if you can.
  • If his axe starts spinning close to you, get out of there. Even if you’re the tank, and specially if you’re not. It’s like Fire. Only floaty, spinning and a lot sharper. Don’t stand on it.


  • Always kill the Anub’ar Skirmishers first. No healer likes being fixated by those guys.
  • There are four packs of trash mobs in the same room as Krik’thir the Gatewatcher. The first (at the entrance) can be dealt with at will. The other three packs will aggro in sequence once you aggro one of them, do not pull the second or third pack yourself after dealing with the first if you don’t want a possible surprise.
  • Wait until Hadronox kills all the adds before engaging it. If the mobs kill Hadronox first… well, good luck surviving the huge swarm of skeletons that will be soon heading your way. Also don’t try bugging it up with a Hunter or a Rogue, because it can make Hadronox disappear altogether.
  • Geronimoooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  • Do not try to AoE the Anub’ar Prime Guards. It’s a lot easier to just DPS them down in sequence. They start hitting harder the longer the fight goes, plus they reduce the damage your party does.
  • Before engaging Anub’arak, check if everybody is inside the ring. The arena will be closed as soon as you aggro him.
  • Just like Ingvar in Utgarde keep, you can just walk through Anub’arak’s Pound and avoid the damage and the stun altogether. Similarly, DPS will want to stay behind the big bug.

Drak’tharon Keep

  • The Risen Drakkari Soul Mages will lay down Death Pancakes of Doom. Stay out of them.
  • With a little patience, you can pull the undead groups right next the first hallway without pulling the Abominations. Or you can just pull one of the Abominations and trust everybody will kill it first since it’s so much bigger than the ghouls.
  • The spiders in the next room can be CCed. If you can stop and kill them before they get to their holes, you’ll have less adds to deal with. Also, the web wraps near the walls can be opened by incidental AoE, and that will usually release another elite mob into the fight.
  • You can skip Novos the Summoner if everybody follows the wall to the left of the entrance until they’re on the other side.
  • Leaving a DPS up the stairs when Novos gets is aggroed will make things a lot easier.
  • Novos’ adds are so weak a tank can just hit them a few times to build some aggro, then move to the other door to catch the next as it walks in.
  • King Dred can be a pain in the ass even for well-geared groups. Pulling him out of the cramped area it starts in helps keeping everybody in line of sight when he uses his AoE Fear.
  • If you’re the healer, do all you can to keep the tank topped off. You never know when Fear is coming (dun dun dunnn).
  • The Risen Drakkari Death Knights can also Fear and have a short silence. Watch out for adds.
  • Once Prophet Tharon’ja turns people into skeletons, only the tank should Taunt him. Bone armor will keep him safe. Also, if you’re a Druid tank who has never skilled Staffs or Polearms up, enjoy the occasional skill-up, as your skeleton form will still use your weapon skill.

Utgarde Pinnacle

  • Since Svala Sorrowgrave’s Ritual of the Sword won’t be interrupted for anything, the tank might need to taunt her off the ranged DPS who kept hitting her while she was standing there like an idiot.
  • Gortok Palehoof and all the beasts in stasis can be skipped if no one clicks on the pedestal that starts the event.
  • The Ymirjar Berserkers after Skadi the Ruthless will sometimes cast an AoE fear. Try to stay behind them at all times and be ready for adds.
  • The pull leading to the big room before King Ymiron’s room is best done if the tank gets aggro on the mobs standing by the end of the corridor and hides around the corner (or if you have a competent Hunter Misdirecting). Otherwise there will be Fear-casting adds.
  • On Ymiron’s room, pull the last three mobs before the boss away from him.
  • If you can escape stuns (like Humans with Every Man for Himself), you can do it to deal a little more damage while Ymiron is going to his boats.

More to come later!

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