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Northrend Dungeons, Part Two

March 28, 2010

Continuing with our scenic tour of the Frozen North, we have…

Halls of Stone

  • If your group isn’t completely overgeared, taking a little bit of care in the pulls leading to the intersection between Krystallus, Maiden of Grief and Tribunal of Ages is advised.
  • At the intersection, the corridor leading to Maiden of Grief has a lot of caster mobs that can cause trouble if allowed to run free. A tank has plenty of opportunities to do a quick Line of Sight pull near the rocks or the stairs, so if he pulls the mobs and hides there, wait until he’s got all the mobs on him and got a couple AoE strikes in before opening up.
  • The trash leading up to Krystallus has some of the most satisfying AoE opportunities I’ve ever seen. Just beware of a couple Dark Rune Controllers on the slope up to the boss: their mind control ability can be a real pain in the ass.
  • Krystallus himself is a fairly easy fight, even at the right gear levels. Just stay far from each others when he tosses everybody back to avoid taking too much damage, then move back after he Shatters and you can move again. Rinse and repeat. After he’s dead, just jump down the hole behind him.
  • Maiden of Grief is also easy. But for the love of whatever you hold most holy and sacred, get out of the Storm of Grief! AKA, the Death Pancake of Doom. I’ve seen groups in ilvl251 gear wipe on her because everybody insisted in sitting in the voidzones thinking the healer would keep them up. The Shock of Sorrow incapacitation is also annoying, but mostly harmless (tm). The only person who should be concerned with it is the healer, but the boss hits so lightly some tanks might not even notice the lack of heals coming their way.
  • The trash leading up to Brann and then to Tribunal of Ages can be annoying if your healer is not too well-geared, or just plain unlucky. If you want to be on the safe side, try pulling the least amount of Unrelenting Constructs at a time. But if your healer tells you to pull them all, well… go wild, it’s his wipe (and your repair bill, though…).
  • Tribunal of Ages used to be mildly difficult, now it’s just annoying. The fight lasts exactly 5 minutes, and the only mobs to really worry about are the couple elites near the end. As long as everybody stays out of the laser– I mean, fire, the fight is piece of cake.
  • Talk to Brann after the fight ends and tell him to move it!
  • Before pulling Sjonnir the Ironshaper, make sure everybody is in the room. The door locks once the boss is aggroed, and having to do that fight with only a Warrior tank, a Shaman Healer and a Shadow Priest sucks.
  • As for Sjonnir himself… run away when he casts Lightning Ring, make sure the healer doesn’t have too many adds on them, and he should go down with minimal issues.

Halls of Lightning

  • If you can’t or don’t want to take too much damage, only pull General Bjarngrim on an empty platform, and only after his Electrical Charge fades. Once he’s engaged, kill the adds following him first. If he Whirlwinds, get out of the way. Healers, watch for when he goes into Berserker Stance, as the Mortal Strike will require a bit more healing to compensate.
  • The gauntlet leading to the Iron Crucible is another of those situations where even highly-geared groups can end up with a couple casualties. Let the tank get the Slags, and once the AoE begins, stay away from the mobs. They explode upon death, doing area damage that can quickly add up if they all die at the same time. If you’re the tank and you’re unsure of your survival, blow a cooldown. It’s not like you’ll need it on Volkhan.
  • Some of the trash mobs in the Iron Crucible have a knockback attack. To minimize on adds, only engage them after the patrol goes past and the tank should have his back to the wall.
  • As for Volkhan, if your group has enough combined DPS, it’s easier to just ignore the Molten Golems he summons and burn the boss down.
  • Enjoy the AoE fears while moving through the Hall of the Watchers. =)
  • When fighting Ionar, spreading out to avoid Static Overload and dodging the Ball Lightning can keep you from taking too much damage. The real trick to this fight, however, is running away when he Disperses and knowing when to run back in time to maximize DPS uptime. Again, not a hard fight.
  • The trash in the Terrestrial Watchtower can also wipe even well-geared group. Get your poison-cleansing abilities ready for the Titanium Vanguards’ Poison Tipped Spears and run out of melee whenever you see one of the Iron Dwarves Whirlwinding.
  • Loken! Ah, Loken. If your healer is good and the group has enough DPS, you can just spread out and stay at about eight yards of the boss and eat the Lightning Novas and Arc Lightning. If your healer isn’t all that, stay close to the boss, then run off when he starts doing Lightning Nova.

The Nexus

  • Get ready for a lot of silences.
  • Like the ones the Mage Slayers cast. Those puppies could be Banished and Enslaved by Warlocks, last time I checked. See if it helps.
  • Kill the Clerics first. Always.
  • Pull Commander Kolurg/Stoutbeard back towards the entrance of Hall of Stasis when you engage them. If tanked in place, their AoE Fear is very likely to bring annoying adds to the fight.
  • Grand Magus Telestra will toss people all over the place, but she’s easy to down: interrupt what you can, spread out to avoid Firebombs, CC/kill her Mirror Images quickly. Rinse and repeat.
  • Kill the Chaotic Rifts first.
  • Kill the Chaotic Rifts first.
  • Remember what I said about killing the Chaotic Rifts first? You’re going to be doing that a lot on Anomalus.
  • Moving on to the Singing Grove, stay close together to avoid someone (read: the healer) lagging behind due to being rooted by the Crystalline Frayers and Tanglers.
  • Interrupt the Crystalline Tender’s Tranquility for an easier time killing everything else around them.
  • Ormorok the Tree-Shaper: stay away from the Floor-Based Hazard of the Day, DPS the boss, collect loot.
  • Keristrasza, AKA Annoying Dragon with Annoying Aura. If you’re the tank, jump in place and don’t move the Boss. If you’re DPS, stand on the side of the Boss and jump whenever you’re not casting something. If you can dispel Magical effects, remove the Crystal Chains and resume moving as quickly as possible. If she Enrages and the tank is below half health, blow cooldowns to take her down/top the tank off before Bad Things(tm) happen.

The Occulus

  • First of all, don’t drop group as soon as you zone in and realize it’s Occulus! It’s nowhere as difficult as it used to be, and the rewards are well-worth it.
  • In the Band of Variance, slow down. Those whelps can put the hurt anyone who starts AoEing before the tank’s got them. And since they’re so widely-spaced, that might take a while.
  • For Drakos the Interrogator, run away and space out when he casts Magic Pull and try to stay away from the path of the floating bombs.
  • The optimal combination of drakes for the rest of the dungeon is one Emerald (healer), one Ruby (tank) and three Amber (DPS) Drakes. If you’re trying out a different Drake from what you’re used to, take fifteen seconds to read the descriptions in the tooltips. Seriously, they help.
  • At the Band of Acceleration, run/fly inside the ring to avoid aggroing the blue drakes outside. Make sure no one has aggro on anything before dropping out onto a platform, because you can’t mount up again in combat.
  • For Varos Cloudstrider, if there’s fire and/or funny stuff on the ground below you, run away. Otherwise, enough DPS will carry you through.
  • Band of Transmutation… not much to do there. The boss won’t aggro until attacked, so you can take your time preparing for the fight/slash-chickening the boss before pulling. Kill the adds the boss summons, collect the eventual loots, repeat twice.
  • Mage-Lord Urom himself is fairly easy. Dodge the Frostbombs, get healed/heal through Time Bombs, get behind the pillars when the Boss teleports and starts doing Empowered Arcane Explosion. Intervene, Blink and Demonic Teleport can really help there.
  • Ley-Guardian Eregos: organize a Time Stop rotation on the Amber Drakes so the whelps Eregos summons are frozen as soon as they appear. Otherwise, Amber Drakes should be casting Temporal Rift to 10 stacks, then using Shock Lance. Stack up on the Ruby Drake (who should be using Evasive Maneuvers and Martyr whenever he’s got the charges). The Green Drake should be using Leeching Poison and dream Funnel as much as he can to keep everybody topped off. Fly away in one direction and stick together when Eregos phases out.
  • Remember to collect your bag of goodies in the end!

That’s it for now, Part Three coming later!

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