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Startin’ over again…!

March 29, 2010

(This is a shared topic from Blog Azeroth!)

So the question has been asked: if you were to start your WoW career over, but with one, just one and no more than one, character at level 80, what would you choose?

Such a cruel question for an Altoholic…

Let’s see… I already have a Warrior, a Hunter, a Warlock, a Druid, a Paladin and a Death Knight either at the level cap or at least on the 70-80 level range. I know their good sides and shortcomings, and have become bored of each one of them and moved on to another alt at least once… And always coming back to the Hunter and Warrior.

Having played Mages, I know the endgame rotation for Arcane nowadays involves a lot of pressing two buttons in order. Frost is, when you’re not getting LOL’d off the group by idiots, basically proc-watching and Frostbolt spam.  Fire doesn’t quite interest me.

As for Shaman… err… maybe when dwarves get the class. Female squidgoat from outer space looks pretty, but she’s so tall it feels like she runs very slowly and it detracts from the fun of Windfurying my way through stuff

(One of the reasons I play dwarves: their run animation fits their speed).

Priest! No, that’s not it… Don’t take me wrong, Shadow Priesting was all sorts of fun when I tried it out. It was like playing an Affliction Warlock, but without a pet to watch over and with actual pre-dungeon party buffs! And it actually felt more right than the ‘lock! I know! Crazy, isn’t it? Still, Priests are not for me. Having to DoT up two mobs at once is more than my feeble mind and latency will allow. By the time I’m done with the second, I’d have to start working on the first guy again. It’s a little too frantic. On the same token, healing is fun when it’s in a nice relaxed setting, but watching five health bars dropping and having to react appropriately burns me out really quickly.

So, what would I start over at level 80 as…?

(*dramatic pause*)

(*drum roll*)

Actually, best skip the fanfare: if you’ve counted the classes, you’d know I didn’t mention Rogue yet. So it’s a foregone conclusion anyway. I had originally planned on saying Hunter was my class of choice at level 80, but then I reasoned I have already played hunter for a very long time (she is in fact my main and most well-geared toon), it wouldn’t be much of a “new beginning” anyway. I know I’d burn out and start going for titles like “the Explorer” and creating alts again very quickly.

So why Rogue? For the reason you have probably guessed: even though I’m working on one right now, I’ve never played one for too long. Sneaking around is fun no matter what level you are, and so is popping in, massacring a random target or looting a chest in the middle of a whole camp of unsuspecting mobs/players, then Vanishing back into the shadows. And even though Rogues can’t tank, there’s enough challenge and planning involved in playing the class in both PvE and PvP to keep me, I hope, occupied in the event described in the question above.

So, were I to choose a class to be in the case of a total server wipe, I’d be a: Rogue.

One of The Few. The Proud. The Stealthed.

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  1. March 29, 2010 13:17

    Whoop whoop, sign me up to the roguery

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