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The State of the Pinball (I)

March 30, 2010

*walks up to the lectern, puts his notes down, fixes up his beard*


As you are most likely aware, I have started this blog to talk about two things I like to do in World of Warcraft: tanking on my Warrior and pulling half-decent DPS on my Hunter. I’ve also started this so I could proclaim the superiority of the Dwarven race (even more oppressed than gnomes in the population charts, but stoutly enduring it all!), to get more writing practice and meet new people, three objectives that are being met nicely.

So, where is the tanking and huntering, you might ask?

Or maybe not. Maybe you’re just here to enjoy large blocks of text without images. Why is that most good minimalistic blog templates are always so damn narrow? Come on, people! We’re not in the 640×480 era anymore!

Aaaany-who, here’s the Current State of the Pinball:


The rush of “Ohmygod! Did you see how much that Revenge crit for?! Ohmygod!” has died down and routine settled in again. Considering my Warrior is already well-geared enough not to need Emblems of Triumph (I plan on getting Trinkets from other sources, keep reading), and I don’t plan on building up a DPS set with Emblems, I’ve mostly been taking her on a heroic every now and then for Frosts. As more and more raids progress, DPS pulling (*ahem*) over nine thousand is becoming more and more common. Being a tank not in ICC gear, the prospect of doing heroics and having to hear the incessant cries of “this tank sux” when they unload half a second after I pressed Charge is becoming more and more frustrating.

On vastly more positive news, however, I have successfully off-tanked ToC-10 without DPS pulling off me and without any sweat running down the healers’ foreheads. So that means I must be doing something right. Plus, it was fun. Even more, the raid a guildmate and I are organizing is scheduled for a test run next Tuesday. Probably in Ulduar or some other older raid, as we need to gauge the raid’s capabilities before jumping head-first into the frozen pool of Icecrown Citadel. Everything going right, I should have more to talk about afterwards.


She’s even more well-geared than my Warrior, except for that blasted Orca-Hunter’s Harpoon that refuses to drop. Having no prospect of getting her in a raid, she’s been mostly been used for the occasional RP session/event with the guild. I have to admit burn-out is setting in on her, and I started trying my hand at PvP without a lot of success. I’m more used to doing Battlegrounds as a healer on my Discipline Priest, having to actually kill stuff, and worse: having to kill stuff without allowing them to get too close, is a task I have yet to master. So my kills-vs-deaths ratio on PvP is pretty low and not having the right gear yet, I still have to blow Readiness to be able to kill anything but a Clothie before they cave my face in. And don’t even talk to me about Rogues!


Speaking of Rogues (!), mine is leveling up nicely. Now that all the Get Out of Jail Free cards have been acquired (Vanish, Kidney Shot and Blind), even camps of mobs are easy to take down with some planning. Once I hit level 35, I’ll bring her to the Battlegrounds. I know the appropriate level for BGs is [x * 10 + 9], but nowadays it’s easy to see non-twinks wandering in Arathi Basin.

This is the State of the Pinball as of March 30th. I’m considering adding the Rogue to the Pinball roster, but I want to level her up some more before committing. Knowing me, I’ll probably get bored of her for a while before she reaches level 80.

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