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There will be Blood!

April 6, 2010

Yup, Blood will be the dedicated Tanking spec for Death Knights.

Heck of a change, too. I wonder what Gravity over at Pwnwear and the other DKs out there are going say about that. Blizzard brought us the Death Knight class with the idea that one would be able to tank and DPS with all three specs, and they even think they did a good job about that. This sudden change is going to leave DK tanks with “go Blood or go home” as their options. And you can bet a lot of them are going to be really unhappy about that.

I haven’t done much DK tanking (and certainly none of it at level 80), but Dual-Wield Frost was always the fun tanking tree for me. I tried Blood, found it boring, went with Unholy for a while, couldn’t get used to it (plus having a Pet while tanking felt weird), so while I’m really in no position to argue in terms of mechanics or performance, I am against this change. However, since they’ve already chosen their path, I guess my only question would be: why Blood, exactly?

Frost is the taking presence, Icy Touch is the “press here for Aggro” button (similar to Shield Slam for Warriors), the Frost talent tree has that entire theme of toughness and stability about it. Blood, on the other hand, feels a lot “killier”, a much more Savages-in-Woad than Fury ever managed to be. It sounds very weird for Blood to get the tanking mantle under these circumstances.

Ah, well. I’m looking forward to the explanations starting tomorrow. Let’s see what they have to say about DKs and Shamans, it should be a pretty interesting post.

Either way, it’s bound to cause a ruckus.

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