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Happy Pinball Day (aka, a Dark Secret)

April 20, 2010

This is Pinball’s birthday, meaning he will spend mos of it enjoying some mindless fun on his virtual machine-enabled Team Fortress 2, in anticipation of the Mac release coming up sometime Soon ™. I just have to keep in mind Valve-time is a lot like Blizz-time, and expect it to drop around June or something.


Happy Pinball Day! 8D

And here’s a dark little secret of mine I thought I’d finally share with the world:

Contrary to all my ideals of Dwarfness and “physical damage is the only damage”…

I have a Warlock. A human one. He’s specced Destruction and I’ve been gearing him up more recently (he’s just past the 4k GS mark). He was originally my Enchanting/Tailoring alt, as I tend to create alts for specific professions, but I kind of got carried away and got him to 80. It’s a slippery slope, really. I see bigger and bigger numbers popping up on screen, and after a lifetime of Hunters and Warriors, it’s really refreshing to see five-digit numbers popping up so often. It also feels kinda dirty to be standing still and — yuck! — casting, without all the tricks of my Hunter…

… But damn, it’s fun!

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  1. April 26, 2010 12:15

    Happy Belated, man.

    As I have a warlock, I won’t hold that against you. That whole human thing – booo!

    (Could be worse, tho… could be a gnome!)


    • April 27, 2010 10:18

      You Hordefolk are weird. I mean, what’s wrong with -not- having tusks, cow horns, exposed bones or an indeterminate gender?

      (Although you are right, a gnome would be worse!)

      • April 28, 2010 12:41

        It’s not so much about what you don’t have, but that you choose not to be bad ass. 🙂

        I’m still wetting my pants over the idea of Taurens in Paladin plate. 😛

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