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Spoiled Alt: Electric Roguealoo

April 27, 2010

Alright, just leave it to Rogues: plummeting six stories down a cliff due to a misstep, almost dying, and still not making enough noise to startle the Raptor they’ve just splattered themselves behind.

(That Ambush crit was totally worth the next few weeks in traction.)

On slightly different news, I had the presence of mind to pick Stalvan Mistmantle‘s pockets before unleashing the full power of pre-Hemorrhage Subtlety (read: a big Ambush, a Ghostly Strike, some Evasion and a lot of praying to the Gods of RNG). What did I find inside? A rag doll. By the Light, that guy is creepy!

Here we are, at level 37. Right now, Rogues feel a lot like one-trick ponies, there’s only one plan for both PvE and PvP:

  1. Sneak up to something.
  2. Front-load as much damage as possible before whatever you are sneaking up on can turn around and turn you into mush.
  3. ???
  4. Profit!

Sure, step three includes anything from Vanishing to Kicking to Evading to Kidney Shotting to praying to whatever deity or spiritual concept you happen to worship. That’s besides the point. Rogues are fun right now, specially going around as Subtlety and pretty much having to Riverdance in front of the mob for it to see me, but it’s feeling quite repetitive right now. There are no Procs to watch yet, only ability cooldowns and Combo Points. I’m sure it will improve later, I’m just at the Great Level 1-58 Slump. Outlands will be better, although I’m not looking forward to trying to solo the big stone giants in Hellfire Peninsula.

And no, the huge Ambush crits haven’t gotten old yet.

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