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Time To Hunt!

June 11, 2010

Frikkin’ hiatuses… mumble grumble mumble…


University tends to take away my drive to post here. Between having to wake up at 0530 and often getting back home at 2330, it’s sometimes hard to sit down and write. Haven’t been playing too much lately either, mostly due to spending the last few days writing plots for the Werewolf: the Forsaken game I’m GMing. Due to university coming back on again, I had to drop from the Raid group I had organized with a guildmate even before we got through our Ulduar test run. Still, good news, everyone!

By sheer luck, I got myself in an ICC-10 group! The first day, we killed everything up to Rotface and landed a few good tries on Festergut. It wasn’t too bad for a maiden run, I think. Sadly, I wasn’t able to get tanking. We already had a Warrior tank, and we were really short on Ranged DPS. So it was time to get my Hunter out of the freezer and start shootin’ stuff up!

And you know what? I really like Huntering.

Sure, Warrior Tanking is still my foremost love on WoW. But while I do miss getting pancaked by bosses and brought back from the brink of death about fifty times a fight (masochistic? Who, me?), Hunters have the kind of low-cooldown Toolbox I love so much on my Warrior. Misdirecting, Trapping, Disengaging, Feigning Death, Rapid-Fire Chaining with Readiness… DPSing as a Hunter doesn’t feel like mindlessly mashing buttons in a sequence like most other classes I played. Sure, there’s no Proc-Watching besides the usual trinkets, but there are so many other things to work with that I don’t miss it.

Case in point: last run we were fighting Lady Deathwhisper. Once her shields were down, a timing mistake got one of the tanks killed (Frostbolt wasn’t interrupted). The remaining Warrior tank started getting stacks of Touch of Insignificance and thus generating no threat at all. The Rogue and I (on my Hunter) instantly started chaining Tricks of the Trade and Misdirect, and Feigning Death and Vanishing as fast we could. As a result the DPS as a whole were able to keep going and we killed her without further issues.

See? That’s awesome! Not the tank dying, that sucks. Keeping the tank high on threat by sheer redirection while still doing damage, on the other hand… Just like kiting Blood Beasts on Deathbringer Saurfang: lots of fun, not just attacking the boss over and over again.

Sure, it’s slightly annoying to need Judgment of Wisdom to work without having to drop into Viper every two minutes, but that’s going away come Cataclysm.

Since I’ve said this is a Hunter and Warrior blog, it’s about time I started actually talking about Hunters.

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  1. June 11, 2010 13:41

    That IS awesome! Grats on the ICC action!

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