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Volley gone, good riddance!

August 24, 2010

And so Ghostcrawler has confirmed it: Volley is currently out of Cataclysm.

Suddenly, I feel my current cold is a blessing in disguise. For it allows me to do this:



Thank you very much, Blizzard. Volley has never fit the Hunter class in terms of theme or gameplay. A non-magical class (Arcane Shot notwithstanding) shooting a gun towards the enemy and having arrows dropping from the sky over a wide area? Makes less sense than Multi-Shot giving you three shots per trigger or string pull. And as for gameplay, it forced Hunters to stand still and not do anything besides spam it for 90% of the dungeon, plus it had that extremely annoying targeting bug that canceled Volley randomly while still spending the Mana for it!

With Volley now out of the way, Multi-Shot will have a use once more. Maybe Explosive Trap will finally do damage. With some luck we’ll get a Multi-Shot more in line with Swipe and Fan of Knives: a single attack that hits all enemies in an area. Call it splinter-shot or something. Since we’re ranged, I don’t mind needing a target for that (so all enemies around our target take damage), or having a short cast time comparable to Steady Shot. Barring that, I’d still be happy to be using an actual shot instead of a channeled, buggy spell with an incongruous visual effect, even if my AoE damage is lower. Call it a quality of life and consistency change.

Now excuse me a second while I dance some more on Volley’s grave, then go get an expectorant.


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