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Dr. StrangeLight

September 19, 2010

(Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Class)

Both my Warrior and my Hunter are already fully decked-out with the top gear I could get outside of Raids (except for that damn Splintered Door of the Citadel… and the Orca-Hunter’s Harpoon), so I decided to feed my altoholism a little. I got my Rogue past level 40, leveled up my DK some more (until the rigidness of the Rune System turned me away again), then, as I looked at my character list, I realized I would have to face the Light again now Cataclysm is drawing closer.

The Paladin class is sort of a guilty pleasure of mine. I bash it, I poke fun at it, I scream it’s overpowered, but deep down I like it. As much as I enjoy the bouncing around and hearing delightful crunch of some undead minion getting its head caved in by my Shield, or as much as I like watching five shots in a row turn out to be crits and then hitting Feign Death to escape the mob’s wrath, I like what the Paladin class brings.

I like being able to heal myself, I like being durable, I like buffing people and rezzing them, and I like occasionally equipping a nice big two-hander and going to town on a field full of mobs. And dear Lord, I love Crusader Aura. Still, ever since Wrath of the Lich King arrived, there’s always been something in the corner of my head, annoying me constantly whenever I try to get my Pally leveled up. I guess it was probably the Great Retribution Boom of 2009, when everybody, their dogs and their mothers got themselves a Paladin. It felt like the class had somehow lost its luster.

Anyway! The Protection Warrior “rotation” is spastic and intense. Sometimes a little too much: there are points where you’re gasping for Global Cooldowns, and having to keep Heroic Strike or Cleave permanently queued doesn’t help, and I’m glad that last little bit is going away in Cataclysm. On the other hand, the Protection Paladin rotation is much more timed and deliberate, much like the Death Knight Rotation, except that my offensive abilities and defensive cooldowns don’t interfere with each other (and that’s a huge difference). It’s laid-back and slightly repetitive, but it does allow me to flex my fingers every now and then to stop my arm muscles from turning into a bundle of leathery cords.

So… I decided to ignore this nagging voice in the back of my head and keep leveling the Paladin and try to gear her up. Who knows, maybe it’ll click into place. I don’t mind changing mains.

Besides, Paladins are looking very nice in the Beta, after all! I like the new Holy Power dynamic.

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  1. September 20, 2010 11:17

    I couldn’t get my paladin past level 24. And my latest past level 10.

    But I hear pally leveling is more interesting in Cata, so that should be good. I also look forward to visiting the new Mulgore.

    I’ve gone nuts and I’m trying to work on tanking with my DK. I have much to learn over the Lacerate/Swipe/Maul mashing that is current Bear tanking. 😛

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