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A Noob’s Journal

October 19, 2010

So, while recovering from the massive bruises to my ego (Warrior tanking feels painful in the threat department), I’ve found a little journal I started writing the moment I finished downloading the trial client.

The following are my unadulterated notes from a couple years ago, about a week or so after Wrath of the Lich King launched. I thought it would be an entertaining read.

* * * * *

* * * * *

WoW Journal, Entry 1:
Trial going well so far. Had a couple problems involving my connection deciding to become unstable and not accept the program’s requests. Created a Human Paladin in one of the recommended US servers (I know I’m not from there, but who cares about lag, anyway? =P). Can’t remember which one right now. Anyway, the game is downloading the resources.

WoW Journal, Entry 2:
Jokes about World of Waitcraft are beginning to form.

WoW Journal, Entry 3:
Well, at least the Blood Elf chick on the loading screen looks hot. I think I know who drew her.

WoW Journal, Entry 4:
Watching Colbert Report clips in the Comedy Central website. Playing this on the Mac rocks, since I can keep the game in windowed mode and just shift desktops to check how it’s going. Yes, I know… it takes some of the bandwidth to watch the videos, but hey… it’s not like I have anything to do in a Saturday night… =P

WoW Journal, Entry 5:
Yay! After fifteen minutes, we’re halfway through!

WoW Journal, Entry 6:
Ah, Colbert! You comedy genius you!

WoW Journal, Entry 7:
I got disconnected!

WoW Journal, Entry 8:
Ah, cool. It saved the download progress. I’m finally in!
Nice intro, too.

WoW Journal, Entry 9:
First quest accepted. Off to kill Kobolds I go!

WoW Journal, Entry 10:
Woo, this starting area is a MESS! Too many people, not enough kobolds.

WoW Journal, Entry 11:
Huzzah! Ten kobold vermin slain! Let’s report back and get a few coppers for 15 minutes of my time. =P

WoW Journal, Entry 12:
You know, I really like this mechanic of having your health regenerate faster when you’re out of combat. Works very well to keep you from just having to sit down for two minutes between each combat (something I’ve done a LOT in Tales of Pirates).

WoW Journal, Entry 13:
Gotta find some Brother Sammuel in the Abbey. Can’t find the guy, though.

WoW Journal, Entry 14:
Found him. Got a couple new skills, and off to kill more kobolds I go.

WoW Journal, Entry 15:
I don’t really get how the skills work. Diablo II was a lot more forgiving in that aspect. Actually, I’m not even sure how weapon skills work either.

WoW Journal, Entry 16:
More Kobolds to kill! Yay. >.>
Meanwhile, I’ve got the WoWiki open on Firefox, let’s gather some information…

WoW Journal, Entry 17:
Got to Goldshire. What to do? Kill more kobolds! 8D

WoW Journal, Entry 18:
Okay, not sure what happened here. Game froze up for a long time, then just got back. Odd. Back to searching for Kobolds, I guess. Meanwhile, people are talking about supercars in the general chat. Alright…

WoW Journal, Entry 19:
Traveling just got a lot easier.

WoW Journal, Entry 20:
I could really use more specific directions. Can’t find that Fargodeep Mine anywhere.

WoW Journal, Entry 21:
Time to go back to the kobold genocide.

WoW Journal, Entry 22:
Hunted loads of kobolds, died once, got back to the body, now I’m level 6 and starting to get interesting skills. Self-buffs are nice, and hopefully they’ll keep me from getting owned by every critter with a shiv skulking out there.

WoW Journal, Entry 23:
Jasperlode Mine: got attacked by three geomancers at once. Pwnt. >.>
Corpse-retrieval game, here I come!

WoW Journal, Entry 24:
And again! Luckily, it’s a short run.

WoW Journal, Entry 25:
Finally, got my body back and got out of there after killing a few wolves and two bears. As much as I’m against grinding, I think I’ll have to level up a couple times for this one…

WoW Journal, Entry 26:
Grind, grind, grind… at least I think I’m getting the hang on it. Level 6, and bashing level 8 bears with a lot more ease now.

WoW Journal, Entry 27:
Level 7. Casting Seal of Righteousness, then using Judgement of Light is a very nice way to pull monsters in while still dealing a little ranged damage. My first combo! 8D

WoW Journal, Entry 28:
Killed my first elite! A weird Gnoll whose name I can’t remember (ah, right, it was Hogger). Got some VERY nice trousers as reward, and finally managed to save up enough to get Sword training. Hello, Gladius!

WoW Journal, Entry 29:
You know, I’m happy I don’t have to do any more kobold killing until I decide to go back to that mine. And I don’t plan on doing that at least until I get rid of my old gear and get some new one.

WoW Journal, Entry 30:
Went to the Murloc village near the Stonecairn lake. Didn’t kill anything, but at least I got the items I needed to finish a quest that leads to 7 silver coins. =)

WoW Journal, Entry 31:
Ooooh, my first magic drop! Notched Shortsword of Power. That thing just doubled my DPS! 8D

WoW Journal, Entry 32:
Level 8. The guys at Blizzard sure know how to make you feel kickass. Just reached 650 armor, and while I’m pretty sure that’s a ridiculously low amount for any self-respecting character, I’m rather proud of it after buying almost a whole new set of armour. Next step, cloth items.

WoW Journal, Entry 33:
Whoops, got too cocky near the Geomancers again. Me no likey ranged attackers. >.>

WoW Journal, Entry 34:
Hunting gnolls for their painted armbands. Heh.

WoW Journal, Entry 35:
After some more grinding, Level 9. Got the best armor the Goldshire merchants had, got up to 750 armour. Almost got to Level 10, but I think it’s time to stop for today.

* * * * *
* * * * *

WoW Journal, Entry 36:
Day two begins. Back to the grind!

WoW Journal, Entry 37:
Time to expand beyond areas already explored. Let’s see if I can survive to the easy of Elwynn Forest, being only a 9th Level Paladin.

WoW Journal, Entry 38:
Exchanged buffs with a passing druid. Even though I’m playing mostly solo, I can see the advantages of pairing up with people right there besides my minimap.

WoW Journal, Entry 39:
Ah, cool. No more general channel spamming. It’s good to play in the morning.

WoW Journal, Entry 40:
Got someone following me. Apparently he’s too drunk to play properly and just wants to get the XP from discovering new locations. Alright, then.

WoW Journal, Entry 41:
Hunting murlocs!

WoW Journal, Entry 42:
It’s official: murlocs are annoying. Even more so since I’m still at least one level below them. =P

WoW Journal, Entry 43:
Level 10. Got one talent point to spend, and a few more murlocs to kill.

WoW Journal, Entry 44:
I think I’ve found a point in which WoW beats other competitors: no stat management, you don’t have to worry about getting your new stats every level. Also, weapon skills go up automatically, which is very nice for keeping characters reasonably low-maintenance.

WoW Journal, Entry 45:
I think bears are going extinct…

WoW Journal, Entry 46:
Two more quests finished. Time to get the rewards, go to town, learn more skills and stop for the moment.

WoW Journal, Entry 47:
Nevermind, found out I had another quest to finish. A bunch of bandits killed for their bandanas, and I’m back to town for good.

WoW Journal, Entry 48:
Six hours and a lunch later, back to the fray.

WoW Journal, Entry 49:
Got to Westfall, reached the Sentinel Hill, finally found a Gryphon Master. The flights might be long, but damn, it’s a pretty nice sight. =)

WoW Journal, Entry 50:
Fetch and deliver quest completed, gotta pause again. Only 30 minutes of work, but at least I got to level 11.

* * * * *
* * * * *

WoW Journal, Entry 51:
Got a little bored of Cethran the Paladin, decided to jump over to the other side and see what’s in store for the Horde. A few clicks to find an Orcish female face that doesn’t give me nightmares, one wikipedia check for a name, and Alcyon the Warlock is ready to go.

WoW Journal, Entry 52:
Rectification: she will be as soon as the game finishes downloading the starting data. Same thing as before. But since this time I’m playing a different faction, let’s watch the Daily Show instead.

WoW Journal, Entry 53:
On second thought, let’s watch some local shows on Youtube. Should eat up less bandwidth.

WoW Journal, Entry 54:
Crap, I forgot WoW was at 0 volume! Now I can’t hear the introduction!

WoW Journal, Entry 55:
Right, game on. And orc in a red dress. Promising beginning. =P

WoW Journal, Entry 56:
First kill-stuff quest. 10 Boars, coming right up.

WoW Journal, Entry 57:
No, BAD! You’re a caster, act like one!

WoW Journal, Entry 58:
Yay, level 2! 8D
Also, quest completed.

WoW Journal, Entry 59:
Level 3, hunting familiars.

WoW Journal, Entry 60:
I now have an Imp! 8D Love them minions!
Let’s see if I have any more skills to train, then back to questing.

WoW Journal, Entry 61:
No new skills, but I got some new clothes for Alcyone. Now she finally looks properly slutty. =P

WoW Journal, Entry 62:
The game crashed. O.o

WoW Journal, Entry 63:
Just a fluke, apparently. Level 4!

WoW Journal, Entry 64:
Crashed again?!

WoW Journal, Entry 65:
It’s been crashing a lot… O.o

WoW Journal, Entry 66:
Ah, connection is failing. Figures. I think I’ll give it some time to stabilize.

* * * * *
* * * * *

WoW Journal, Entry 67:
Damn it, forgot to write the journal!
Long story short, I took up Tailoring, put all the linen cloth bits I had kicking around to good use, manufactured an almost obscene amount of linen shirts, sold them for good profit, then took up Skinning and made a huge mess right outside Orgrimmar. Got to Level 10 in the process.

WoW Journal, Entry 68:
After repeated deaths and a few crashes due to streaming failures, I finally got my hands on the item for the first Voidwalker quest! Killing the floaty beastie was easy enough with help of the Imp, so now I have my very own personal tank!

WoW Journal, Entry 69:
Was running around, grinding my way to Level 11 and searching for Linen Cloth on harpies near Orgrimmar, when something funny happened. A Lvl 9 Undead Priest showed up and asked if I wanted to party up since he thought we were doing the same quest. I wasn’t doing any quests, but decided to help him out anyway. He’s pulling them with a ranged spell, I’m stacking 300hp worth of DoT on top of them, and my VW is tanking for us both.

WoW Journal, Entry 70:
Didn’t get much XP out of the whole enterprise, since his quest was to KILL the Harpies and we couldn’t party up due to be using Trial Accounts, but I’ll tell you this: it was the most fun I’ve had so far. Playing with someone with good grammar and common sense is priceless. Added the guy to my Friends list. Hopefully we’ll play again later.

* * * * *
* * * * *

WoW Journal, Entry 71:
I log back in and the harpy place is already being farmed by a bunch of hunters.

WoW Journal, Entry 72:
Went back to the city. Found this Ragefire Chasm place, and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do here.

WoW Journal, Entry 73:
Okay, bored. Time to create a third character! 8D

WoW Journal, Entry 74:
Night Elf Rogue. More downloading screens. Fun, fun.

WoW Journal, Entry 75:
Level 4, on the way to 5 already. Using Energy instead of Mana is lots of fun!

WoW Journal, Entry 76:
Level 5. Lots of quests in the starting area. Plus it’s more or less enclosed, so it’s hard to get lost. The spider cave was also surprisingly easy to go through.

WoW Journal, Entry 77:
Okay, enough of Melee. Back to ranged characters, which is where I belong! 8D

WoW Journal, Entry 78:
Female Dwarven Hunter. Loading screens ahoy!

* * * * *

The rest, as they say, is history. 🙂

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