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Of Shields and Sadness

October 26, 2010

Ever since Patch 4.0.1 dropped, I’ve been on my Warrior on and off, tanking heroics, experimenting with how my talents work and trying to guess how to keep single-target threat on a Death Knight pulling 7k DPS. Compared to the other tanking classes, Warriors changed surprisingly little. In terms of rotation, it’s still the same, only with a lot less Heroic Cleave spam (which is very welcome, mind you) and some extra Rending on multi-mob pulls. It was still very familiar.

But it just didn’t feel right. There was something off. It didn’t click anymore.
At first I kept wondering if it was just because of the new Ability Queue messing up my life. Warriors Tanks are still mostly GCD capped, so missing a quick Sword and Board proc due to both lag and lag compensation gunking up my rotation hurt a lot with most of my attacks hitting for a lot less. Vengeance also took a long time to stack up, making over-eager DPS even more of an issue than necessary, and not getting the initial attention from the mobs in a Bloodrage-less environment leaves me feeling pretty lonely.

For example: the Shadowmourne-wielding DK (I swear I’m not picking on DKs, it’s just that I see that way too often) slaps down Death and Decay even before the mobs spawn or before I’m even finished charging. I do my best to keep the mobs on me, but they only decide to look at me and give me sweet, sweet Rage after Mr. Bubblyfloor bites the dust. While I don’t usually mind stupid DPS eating a couple repair bills (especially now they pay as much as I do for it), it’s still frustrating to feel like you’ve lost control of the pull.

Actually, the new Rage-generating Shouts work pretty well, but the extra 10 rage trickling in from the old Bloodrage did make a difference. Either way, I was still bouncing around, tab-targeting like crazy, watching out for procs, and now stacking Thunderclaps for bigger Shockwaves. I knew I was doing everything right, and the pulls were still mostly going the way I wanted, and yet something still didn’t feel right. Even on single target, things felt off.

Then it hit me like a brick to the head: I wasn’t having fun anymore.

And it’s not QQ. I don’t blame Blizzard for “ruining my class!!1!1” and making “4.0.1 worst patch EVAR!”. The patch is great (love the Hunter changes as well), I still love the Warrior concept. But I was already feeling pretty burnt-out on the Warrior Trademarked Mash-All-The-Buttons-Let-The-Gods-Sort-Em-Out playstyle. 4.0.1, while bringing some really cool things to the Warrior table, was the last little push I needed to go into the full burn-out zone. So I decided to put my Warrior aside for a while.

Considering the amount of work I put on that character (she’s both my reputation mule and my achievement dump), I was pretty sad to reach that sort of conclusion. But hey, at least now I can now see how the other tanking classes work out.

So yeah… Farewell For Now, Old Friend Warrior! I’ll see you again soon!

* * * * *

As a last note: I have totally not picked up my Paladin and played the heck out of her lately just to satisfy my Shield fetish.

(Nope, I’m totally not on the tanking rebound.)

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  1. October 26, 2010 12:25

    I feel the same way about my Bear druid. Especially after Swipe had it’s threat output reduced AND put on a six second cooldown AND costing 30 rage (soon to be dropped to 15 rage, along with another threat reduction.)

    Druid bears may be balanced at 85, but they sure are pooched at level 80 right now. And sweet jebus, does it suck right now. I much, much prefer tanking on my DK, of all things. Hooray bubbly floors!

    • October 26, 2010 18:51

      Yeah, things are weirdly balanced on Live right now. And what’s worse for me is that I’m actually on the Beta, and even there I’m not really having a whole lot of fun on my Warrior. Things are looking way too flimsy, and I’m really not getting that cool feeling of “Yes! All my work is paying off!” instead of the current “I’m pressing buttons, but I don’t see anything happening…”.

      So yeah, hooray for temporary tank swaps!

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