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Back and Deadlier Than Ever!

July 20, 2011

Hello, folks! Guess who’s back?!

… no, it’s not Michael Jackson releasing a new album from beyond the grave and re-releasing Thriller in a worldwide tour. Try again!

… no, it’s not Osama Bin Laden after his body was rescued from the depths of the north Arabian Sea and turned into TerrorTron 3000 either! Come on, try again!

… no, it’s not (as interesting as it would be) Marie Antoinette releasing a new book of memoirs about her scandalous extra-marital affair with Winston Churchill during World War II!

Know what? Guessing games suck! It’s the Dwarven Pinball here, in his new identity as Holtzmann! Why? Because I wanted to put all my online identities together. So if you see a Holtzmann out there in the internets, there’d be a fair chance it’d be me! Or maybe a German philologist. Or a pioneering female lawyer from New York. Or a German Protestant theologian. Either way, I’m the only one of those who’s still alive!

So, what happened to you, Pinball– err, Holtz?

So glad you asked that question, my internal monologue! Things have been pretty hectic since Cataclysm was released, which made me go from casual player to making Elitist Jerks break out in hives. I’ve still been playing quite a bit, but mostly worked on alts. It’s more relaxing and can be done in short bursts, as opposed to raiding and grinding heroics for gear.

Ever since last year I…

… got my Paladin to 85, started tanking on her, then used my off-spec to try healing, then tried PvP (mostly as a healer). Healing is fun once you get mouseover macros for frikkin’ everything, and it’s a lot more relaxing than tanking.

… Leveled a dwarf frost Mage from 1 to 85, maxing out all the secondary professions as I went along. This baby is currently replacing my Hunter. I dabbled in Fire and Arcane, but Frost is just more proc-happy and fun for me.

… Leveled my Warlock, my Warrior, my Hunter and my Druid to 85.

… Leveled a gnome Priest to level 48, and she’s the cutest thing ever!

After all that alting, I heard the Call of the Tank once more. It sounded a lot like a raging scream, yelling at stupid DPS to stop pulling stuff and attacking the Skull. I simply couldn’t resist it. My Death Knight is still at level 76, so I had three options:

1. the Paladin, who has lots of cool tricks but a somewhat wooden threat rotation and a DPS spec I just can’t play. Capping Mastery, which seems to be what everybody tells Paladins to do, is boring.

2. the Warrior, the original Dwarven Pinball, who has crazy survivability while grinding mobs due to Victory Rush and is actually quite fun to play once more. It was all a matter of organizing the buttons on my action bars and work out a couple macros and I was back in business! Trying to DPS as a Warrior, however, was a pain.

3. the Druid, who is now much more engaging to tank with (it’s not just Swipe Spam anymore!) and has a DPS spec that I love to play and that also shares most its gear with the Tank spec.

At first I decided to go with the Warrior and started gearing her up. Then I realized I wasn’t going to have the time or the inclination to grind out two sets of gear and trying to re-learn Fury or Arms DPS. My Guild has a lot of people with tanking characters, and I still want to be part on their runs. So, it was time to Druid it up instead!

So, what does it mean to the Pinball?

I suppose picking the Druid to be my main for the time being does result in an Artifact Title (don’t click that link if you value your productivity). But hey, “Fuzzy Scratchy/Mauly Pinball” wouldn’t really work, now would it?

To be perfectly honest, there shouldn’t be a whole lot of change. Most of what I wrote was about tanking or general gameplay. I’ve been running a gear set with DPS stats instead of reforging stuff down to dodge (except for trinkets and other tank-specific items), which should be an interesting little experiment. I figure the threat and Savage Defense potential (from both Mastery and Crit) would make up for the 2% Dodge I miss out on reforging and gemming for Dodge. I know I’m going to get yelled at for it, but hey! It happens! I plan to report on the results of this experiment. So far, the healers have been liking me.

Anyway, let’s get on with it! The Dwarven Pinball is back! Huzzah!

PS: here’s an idea for Blizzard! Dwarf Druids, make it happen! Wolverine Form and Bobcat Form! Maybe even Lazerquail Form! Make it happen!

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