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dwarven pinball

1. common denomination given to Protection Warriors of the Dwarf race in World of Warcraft, believed to have received such label due to their fast and erratic method of movement, bouncing between mobs in a desperate effort to keep aggro off DPS characters who have too much gear and too little patience.

The Dwarven Pinball is written by Holtzmann, a rather average (yet uncommonly good-looking) young male in his early 20s, pretty much the target demographic for World of Warcraft. Deviations from said target demographics include said young man’s propensity to use full words and complete sentences on the Internet and the fact that he was born and lives in Brazil.

The author also thinks dwarf girls are cute if created with the right face (you know which one it is!) and is voting for dwarves to have access to the Druid class in the next expansion. Wolverine and Bobcat forms, Blizzard! Make it happen!

Some of his most recent accomplishments are:

  • learning a new trade: cooking.
  • buying a harmonica after years of wanting to play it (and still struggling to learn it).
  • taking four five six characters to level 80 85 (yet only really playing two of them at a given time).
  • being able to visit the United States for a month and blend in perfectly (until he opened his mouth, that is).
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